Welcome to THETA Engineering AB – one of Sweden’s leading consultant companies within technology with technical project management in big infra structure projects.
We have a solid experience in the field and gathered the industry's most experienced and competent employees under one roof.

We are constantly growing and always looking for new employees hungry to learn more!


Our expertise is the overall experience of us.


Do you feel like working with a strong and competent team where you can constantly supplement, renew and strengthen your skills, please feel free to contact us. We focus on our employees and have competence development as our main goal. And with a conscious balance between work and leisure, we believe we are producing at our best.

Our excellence lies in project management, project planning and estimating project costs, as well as cost management, and therefore we are looking for collaborators with additional skills in these areas. Ongoing projects, among many, are the The new port of Stockholm, the Project management of the new underground railway and Slussen where we deliver project planning and project management. We consider therefore new employees with experiences from other sections and projects as very attractive.

Welcome to an educational and exciting company – THETA Engineering AB.

Experienced project planner Linus Levinsson

Please contact our Managing Director

Please contact our Managing Director, Linus Levinsson if you have any questions


Theta Engineering can happily state, that we are ending the year of 2019 in the very best way:

"We have had the goal of having solid experience in the area of project management/-control of complex infrastructure projects
and has now gathered parts of the industry's most experienced and competent employees under one roof. But we don't stop there...

We can also note that the 2020 decade will be a great challenge and exciting time for all of us in the company. Together with our partners since many years, Geomind and Bro & Betong, we have created a unique opportunity for our customer and future entrepreneurs to make FUT and the subway expansion to Nacka / Söderort a successful project.

All three companies; Theta, Geomind and Bro & Betong, have signed an agreement with FUT and will recruit, establish and deliver two complete construction management organizations for the Nacka and Söderort projects. We will plan for and start up this giant assignment in 2020 with recruitment of several new employees to create a homogeneous organization complementing our current experienced team.

Follow us for updates and information on LinkedIn. Don’t miss one of Sweden’s most exciting and complex tunnel projects."


Linus Levinson
CEO of Theta Engineering AB


We add unique experiences into the market by delivering projects under budget as well as ahead of time – both during the construction phase. We offer an excellence in a broad market where unique qualifications in the project management organization are sought. THETA Engineering AB was created by Temab Konstruktion AB and CEPA Engineering AB in 2015, which has since been passed on to the employees of the company.

By this, the company is owned and operated by those who add skills and strength to the company. THETA Engineering AB is the overall competence of its employees.


We add unique competences into the market with unique experiences from experience ofdelivering projects under budget as well as ahead of time during the construction phase.
We offer excellence in a broad market where unique qualifications of the project management organization are sought.

Our history

THETA Engineering AB was founded in February 2015 by Linus Levinson and Dan Palmgren. With their own consultancy companies since many years, and many projects together in different roles, they established and built a company with the overall knowledge and experience they possess and claimed the market within short. It was then; it is now and will be high demand for versatile project managers, project planners with cost estimation and cost management due to the ongoing and future construction projects in Stockholm.

With so many years in the industry, Linus and Dan have also established a broad and valuable contact network. It is of great use when projects are emerging that require further assistance from sub consultants with the right skills and competence.
Linus and Dan also recognized a large gap in knowledge between the elderly and the newly graduated engineers. They constantly strive to balance knowledge, experience and age in order to continually build up a higher and evener level of competence and knowledge of those who perform assignments at and for THETA Engineering AB.

Our services

Project Management

As part of THETA’s services, we offer our clients assistance in the projects from the early stage of idea studies to the project inspection, and when submitted and delivered to the client. We have a long experience from all the different stages in a project before it is approved and finalized.

Experience of project management within projection and production, is the key to a successful project. THETA has great knowledge and proven experience from working in projects until the final goal has been reached and the most important part - with a satisfied customer.

Project Control

THETA has extensive experience from large, small, international and national projects in project planning and calculation. We work exclusively with the best software and, of course, have the highest level of knowledge in structure, analysis and problem solving. Our experience lies with clients and contractors - a mix essential in planning and calculation work.

Project Planning, Estimates and Cost Control

THETA has built cost management systems, both for contractors and customers. We have a deep knowledge and broad experience of the different business systems used. We are experienced in integrating planning with calculation and financial systems, which provide a good basis for how the cost management system will work.

Many work with cost-accounting systems, and completely lack the possibility of working with cost management in the same system. We solve this together with the customer so that the system becomes a control system that both management and project management want and need.